Political Developments in South Asia


Since 2009, FEPS has established very close contacts with a number of think tanks and research centres in India, which have participated in various activities of the foundation. FEPS has received delegations of Indian experts from the worlds of politics, academia and the media, and in 2011 led a delegation to New Delhi to deepen relations further. Seminars and publications have dealt with a plethora of global challenges ranging from security and global governance to finance and development.

From 2012, FEPS sought to expand this focus, and through the formidable work of our advisor and correspondent, Dr Klaus Voll, FEPS has become active in bringing innovative perspectives on the whole South Asia region to a European audience.

Research Team

Klaus Voll – FEPS Advisor on South Asia

Uday Bhaskar – Retired Commodore of the Indian NavyManoj Joshi – journalist

Joyce Lobo – independent analyst

C. Raja Mohan – foreign policy expert

Mani Shankar Aiyar – Raija Sabha member for Congress & former Ambassador

Shrawam Nigham – Former Ambassador


India Delegation to Brussels and Paris – 2010

EU-India Forum on Effective Multilateralism: a response from Delhi – 2010

FEPS delegation to New Delhi – 2011

Search for Peace, Stability and Security - the Role of Pakistan and India in the Reconstruction of Afghanistan – 2011

Conference on the Relevance of Democratic Socialism, Kathmandu, Nepal – 2014

Progressive Alliance Conference, Manila – 2014

Research and policy related output

Klaus Voll compiles a monthly “South Asia Dossier” in which he and other experts analyse the ongoing trends in India, its neighborhood and throughout South Asia. This is also accompanied by a series of interviews with politicians, scholars and activists in the region. 

Queries Magazine ‘Asia: What’s Next? An Indian Perspective’ - 2011

‘India and the WTO Stand-off’, Joyce Lobo - 2014

‘Clouds gather for election season in India, South Africa and the European Union’ – analyses by Kitching, Voll and Wehmhoerner – 2014 

‘The Emerging US-China-India Triangle: Relevance for the EU’, C. Uday Bhaskar – 2012 

‘The role of the US in Asia’, Indrani Bagchi – 2011