Powering Europe: Time for a progressive vision

9th September 2014 FEPS Office. Rue Montoyer 40 , Brussels
FEPS and IPPR will hold a discussion and publication launch on the topic of a Progressive energy agenda for Europe. It will give clear recommendations for the new European Parliament and incoming European Commission on its priorities for energy and climate policies.

FEPS fringes at Labour party conference, Manchester

21st-23rd September Manchester
"Tackling Inequality: A Programme for the Left to Promote Inclusive and Sustainable Growth – Experiences from Around the World", "Labour's Next Majority? Winning from the Left after the great Crisis", "Europe 2020" and "European Co-operation: The different way of doing business"

Presentation of Nordic model 2030

10th December Brussels
Organised with SAMAK. Presentation and discussion of the three-year research project on Nordic economic models.