Reducing Waste in the Food Sector

6th December 2016 Aspāzijas bulvāris 28, Riga
Taking into account the level of ambition required to reduce global emissions in the next 30 years we need to re-think how our food waste is managed. This debate then needs to involve all levels of the food-chain from producer, through supplier to consumer.

Brussels, capital of Europe. What are the perspectives for youth employment?

8th December 2016 Hôtel de Ville, Grad Place, Bruxelles
What are the employment prospects for young people in Brussels, capital of Europe? With almost 100,000 job seekers, Brussels has an average unemployment rate of 17.8%, which reaches 24.9% among young people. The challenge of young people to integrate into the labour market should not depend on...

New Year Conference - FEPS with the Fabian Society

14th January 2017 Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ
With keynote speech from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The annual day full of plenary sessions and workshop debates with high-level speakers and lots of interaction from the participants.