Activity Report: A Mutual and Cooperative Approach to the Economy and Society


The event, organsied by FEPS, MUTUO and Progresiva in Ljubljana was formally opened by mag. Mojca Kleva Keku, president of Progresiva. She welcomed the honourable guest Peter Hunt and announced the agenda of the conference.

The “Progressive talks” are becoming a well-known brand and format of discussion on topics that are not discussed enough in the Slovenian society. Progressive talks use different and modern formats of organising the debate. We decided to use two distinguish guests to play the role of moderators, MEP Tanja Fajon and the president of SD local branch Marko Koprivc. They were both “interviewing” the main speaker Peter Hunt. The public was involved and was asking questions during the debate so it all worked out very entertaining and dynamic. A translated copy of the official FEPS document about Cooperatives into Slovenian was sent to Progresiva members and was available at the event. The Slovenian text was very appreciated and mentioned several times by the public as many older participants would not understand English. 

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