FEPS “Ones to Watch” - 4th seminar

Sofia, Bulgaria

The FEPS initiative “Ones to Watch” is the programme bringing together the politicians from the Central and Eastern European region, who are 35 - 45 years old and who have already been elected to a public office on local, regional, national or European level. The programme was launched in May 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic - and have observed already 3 events brining the project’s participants also to Warsaw and Budapest. The upcoming meeting in Sofia, which is to take place on 11th - 13th May 2017 will be the 4th in a row and is organised with kind support of ISI - Institute for Social Integration. 

Traditionally, the programme features three blocks. The first one is devoted to getting acquaintance with the political and socio-economic situation in Bulgaria, specifically looking at the challenges and hence after programmatic proposals that the Progressives may formulate in the post-electoral context. Here the occasion to the reflection will be the meetings with BSP and BSP parliamentary group representatives. Secondly, the participants will take time to network and exchange ideas on how to advance with the European progressive project in the CEE region. The background of those talks will be the ‘national reports’ prepared on advance, while the methods will include plenary debates and break out sessions. The later ones will be devoted to the issues of State of Play in Europe, the Socio-Economic challenges specific for the region, the situation of women and also the best practices in terms of campaigning. Finally thirdly, the participants will embark on a cultural experience - which will this time enable them to get a taste of the Bulgarian folklore traditions.

Should you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact: Dr. A. Skrzypek, FEPS Senior Research Fellow (ania.skrzypek@feps-europe.eu) and/ or K. Koc, FEPS Events Organiser (kate.koc@feps-europe.eu