TOGETHER – A new direction for a progressive Europe – Stand up for our future!

Rome, Italy

The crisis and difficulties that our Union has been facing during the last years need no introduction. Unemployment, the Eurozone crises, Brexit, growing populism and anti-European feelings, large refugees and migration inflows, geopolitical insecurity, extreme right-wing politics and the rise of post-factual politics, to name a few.

It would seem that half a century of European Union accomplishments are not providing answers to people’s expectations. However, these difficult challenges also present opportunities. But, in order to take advantage of these opportunities we need to better understand the forces pulling Europe towards disintegration.

This is why on the 24th of March, on a day of significant historic importance, we want to come closer to you, so that together we can set up the roadmap to the European Union we all want.

This March we will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. Let’s use this chance to rebuild our hopes for a better Europe.

We want to hear your ideas, we need your critical opinions and we are ready to listen to your hopes for the future, because we know a EU designed by the people for its people is the best chance we have for the future.

After our Together events in Brussels and Prague, not it’s time for Rome to be the host of our #EuropeTogether convention, on The Future of Europe. 

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