How are Populist Movements attracting Millennials and why?

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On the 29th September 2016, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) in partnership with Policy Solutions organised a public debate that aimed at shedding a deeper understanding as to why populism - as a phenomena - seemingly galvanizes the younger generation of voters – the so called Millennials (aged 15-35, born between 1980-2000). The question that served as the basis of the debate was prompted by the striking results of the Millennial Dialogue report on France and Hungary that showed a striking surge in support towards parties in the extremes of the political spectrum. 

The event also served as an opportunity at first for FEPS and Policy Solutions to launch the Populism Tracker website, a joint initiative that provides an pan-European overview of the populist trend in the European Union and secondly, the presentation of the 2nd edition of the Progressive Post magazine that focused on the topic of the Millennial Generation and their expectations towards politics and Europe.

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