Greece Forward II: Progressive Refugee Policies for Today and Tomorrow

Athens, Greece

The second conference of the series Greece Forward will be focusing on the topic of ‘Progressive Refugee Policies for Today and Tomorrow’. Recognising the magnitude of the challenges posed by the emergent global human mobility flows of the last few years, Greece Forward II will centre on analysing all aspects pertaining to the need for common progressive European and national responses in terms of shared responsibilities in the management of migration flows, the reception and integration of refugees, and in the security dimension.

The unfettered movement of people across borders, fleeing from wars or searching for a place to build a better life for themselves and their families, and the subsequent immense pressure that this has placed at a global, European and national level, has underlined the urgent need to formulate collective solutions to a question that cannot be confined within the borders of a single country. Nowhere in Europe does this need become more acute than in Greece, a country already worn out by the economic crisis that is de facto being turned from a transit to a host one.

Facing a range of challenges that extend from the welfare of refugees to their successful integration in the social fabric, the increasing migration and refugee flows have strained even further the country’s limited resources and social cohesion, while also seriously testing the reality and extensity of the EU Member States’ mutual solidarity, and of the Union’s founding values.

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