Brussels, capital of Europe. What are the perspectives for youth employment?

Hôtel de Ville, Grad Place, Bruxelles
Debate only in French. Followed by a reception
What are the employment prospects for young people in Brussels, capital of Europe? With almost 100,000 job seekers, Brussels has an average unemployment rate of 17.8%, which reaches 24.9% among young people.
The challenge of young people to integrate into the labour market should not depend on if you have higher level of education or not.
Many young graduates, which are multulingual are also struggling to find permanent contracts, the so called CDI (contrat duree indeterminee). Is the situation unsalvageable? Should unpaid internships be banned altogether? What about the universal income? What balance is needed for the EU Youth Guarantee to succeed? According to the latest figures of Actiris dating from August, there might be some hope as youth unemployment in Brussels fell by 28.8% in 3 years and is at its lowest since 25 years. What are the causes of this?