Gordon Brown speech in London- ‘The nations, the regions and the future of Britain after Brexit’

Cathedral Hall. Ambrosden Avenue. Westminster London

Thursday 3rd November. 9am - 11am

In a speech for the Fabian Society and FEPS in Westminster, Gordon Brown will argue that the Brexit vote on 23 June should be interpreted as a revolt of Britain’s left-behind regions -  a mutiny of the country’s northern towns and a rebellion of the old manufacturing areas, from Swindon to Sunderland – against Britain’s financial, cultural, business and political elites. The former Prime Minister will show that this revolt was driven by regional inequalities, and should not be answered by further strengthening Westminster and Whitehall. Instead, Mr Brown will make the case for considering constitutional reforms that empower all of the nations and regions, and which ensure that the social and economic aspirations of people in all parts of the country can be met.

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