EU-Israeli Relations and the Changing Dynamics of the Middle East

Tel Aviv, Israel

At a time of growing turmoil amid a landscape of changing geopolitics in the Middle East, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies, the Fondation Jean Jaurès and the Karl-Renner-Institut are jointly organising a conference on 'EU-Israeli Relations and the Changing Dynamics of the Middle East’. The conference, which will be held on November 6th, at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) in Tel Aviv, Israel, is organised with the support of the MACRO Centre for Political Economics and INSS. 

The conference will bring together a number of top-level policy makers and policy experts from both Israel and Europe, focusing on 3 sets of highly significant questions around the relations between the European Union and Israel, as well as the current and future dynamics in the wider region:

  • The role of the EU in Creating Political, Energy and Security Frameworks
  • FragmentBorders, Refugees, Migration and Relations to TurkeyEndFragment 
  • Building and Managing Peace in Times of Conflict    

A concluding session will focus on what a Progressive Strategy for EU-Israeli Relations and a Changing Middle East can be, with keynote speeches given by Massimo D'Alema, President of FEPS and Former Italian Prime Minister and MK Isaac Herzog, Chairman of the Israeli Labor Party. Other distinguished speakers include Dr. Alfred Gusenbauer, Former Chancellor of Austria, MK Tzipi Livni, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Israel, Fernando Gentilini, EU Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process, and Pierre Vimont, Special Envoy for the French Initiative for a Middle East Peace Conference. 

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