Aligning Regional Interests: India and Europe in the Indian Ocean and the Middle East


The Foundation for European Progressive Studies and Carnegie India organised a conference on advancing the European Union-India relationship and initiating a dialogue on the strategic partnership to formulate specific and potentially common interests. The primary objective of this conference was to sustain an exchange of ideas between leading experts from Europe and India resulting in policy recommendations and elements of a political dialogue. The conference brought together leading scholars, practitioners and political leaders to discuss the current turbulence in the Middle East, security challenges in the Indian Ocean and prospects for regional cooperation. 

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- A new push for EU-India relations. Ernst Stetter, Secretary General of FEPS.

- EU-India relations: room to grow. Alex Sceberras Trigona, Member of FEPS Scientific Council.

- Can Europe and India reach out to each other via the Middle East? An Indo-European perspective. Klaus Voll, Advisor on Asia, FEPS. 

- Strategic Cooperation between the EU and India. Pia Locatelli, Member of the Italian Parliament. 

- Importance of sustainable EU-India strategic relations in the Indian Ocean and the Middle East. Neena Gill, Member of the European Parliament.