Workshop: The European Left’s 25% Problem

Liverpool, United Kingdom

This workshop witll take place during the Labour Party Conference

Across Europe the traditional parties of the centre left seem stuck in the same electoral dilemma the 25% problem. From Berlin to Madrid, Copenhagen to Vienna there is still a centre left base, hence no complete electoral collapse. But the left seems unable to reach other parts of the electorate, to appeal beyond the base. And as their appeal shrinks so they turn inward on themselves satisfying the party comes at a higher premium than attracting new voters. There is a price to be paid either the purity but impotence of perpetual opposition or, in PR systems, the poisoned chalice of a junior partner in a Grand coalition. 

Ania Skrzypek, senior research fellow, FEPS
Gloria De Piero, Labour MP
Brendan Howlin, leader of Irish Labour Party
Stephen Kinnock, Labour MP
James Morris, partner, director of European Office, GQRR

Chair: Matthew Laza, director, Policy Network