FEPS Next Left Focus and Working Group Meeting

London, United Kingdom

The FEPS Next Left Focus and Working Group will meet under the leadership of Dr. Alfred Gusenbayer, Chair of the FEPS Next Left Research Programme, for the third time in this cycle in order to peer-review the papers that have been being elaborated by the respective members in the past quarter of this year. The working methods envisage individual presentations, evaluations by two assigned reviewers alongside with group debates, and finally last but not least a small workshops round to ensure coherence of the future recommendations that will be the final objective to reach at the following meeting in December. To that end, this meeting is hosted in London by Policy Network and its Chair (and one of the Focus Group Members since its beginning), Patrick Diamond - offering additionally a possibility to discuss the situation that occurred in Britain post 23 June referendum and its implications for Europe.

For more information, please do note hesitate to contact: Dr Ania Skrzypek, FEPS Senior Research Fellow at ania.skrzypek@feps-europe.eu