Ones to Watch

Warsaw, Poland

The second meeting of the new FEPS Initiative “Ones to watch” will take place in Warsaw, Poland on 2nd and 3rd September 2016. This new project is focused on forging the debate on the future of progressivism in the Central and Eastern Europe, by bringing together a network of already elected politicians who are 35 - 45 years old.

The first, inaugurating round took place in hospitable Prague - where upon kind invitation of Jan Hamacek, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies - the participants had a chance to familiarise themselves with the specificity of the political situation in Czech Republic, alongside discussing the main geo-political and strategic challenges that the region is facing.

While planning to meet again, the FEPS “Ones to Watch” members are working on identifying the more general political questions that they wish to explore together. These will form the leading themes of the three main panels at the event. On the top of that, while in Warsaw, they will have a chance to enter into a dialogue with representatives of progressive family in Poland (from think tanks, through trade unions, academics, politicians), as also will share a political cultural learning experience that is yet to be defined. 

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