FEPS Next Social Europe Lunch Debate “Youth Employment: Delivering on a promise of a better future for the next generation(s)”

FEPS Office. Rue Montoyer 40. Brussels, Belgium

Tuesday, 24th May 2016 between 12 - 14.00 at the FEPS Office (Rue Montoyer 40, 1000. Brussels)

The rapidly changing labour market has been additionally contracted by the pressures deriving from the financial and economic crisis of 2008. This translated into a growing unemployment among young people, partially prompting the classification of this generation with the term NEET (Neither in Employment, Education nor Training).

The exclusion of this age group is however only part of the dramatic story, while it is made worse by the fact that those finding jobs frequently find themselves engaged with atypical working contracts negatively influencing their rights to social security and benefits. It influences the way they think about the professional life, no longer seeing in that neither a chance to emancipate themselves in socio-economic sense nor to see it as a way to get involved in a greater social effort that would forge a social progress for all.

That is what came out also from the FEPS Millennial Dialogue Survey. With that in mind and looking at the rather critical review of the Youth Guarantee that is taking its peak at the moment, FEPS and ints partners would like to reflect in what way a new agenda could be framed to provide opportunities, ensure equality of outcome in the spirit of social justice and deliver on the dreams of the young people.


Brando BENIFEI, MEP, S&D Group in the EP

Laura SLIMANI, President of Young European Socialists

Massimiliano MASCHERINI, Eurofound

Patrick DIAMOND, Chair of Policy Network