Meeting of the FEPS Next Left Focus and Working Groups

Vienna, Austria

The FEPS Next Left Focus and Working Groups will gather for the second time in this year’s cycle. The session will see the Members joining firstly the manifestation of the Labour Day at the heart of the Viennese city centre, which expression of solidarity is particularly symbolic taking into consideration the recent political development and the results of the first round of the presidential elections.

Immediately after, the programme will start and run through both plenary and workshop sessions. The seminar will be chaired by the FEPS Next Left Research Programme’s Chair, Dr. Alfred Gusenbauer - the former Chancellor of Austria.

The objective of this round is the (peer) review of the respective draft papers, as also a broader debate - which embedded in the academic deliberations will focus on coining the politically feasible proposals that could inspire European progressives on their search for the alternatives. The main themes will evolve around the European Social Model, the future of the EU and the traditional parties within its political system(s), and the nature of the connection between politics and the citizens.