Diverging Capitalisms. Part 1: The City after the crisis



29 April 2016, London

Policy Network Offices

3rd Floor, 11 Tufton Street, Westminster, SW1P 3QB

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The aim of the project is to consider the changing nature of the British economy, its place within the European economic space and the consequences of a possible ‘Brexit’. The work undertaken will feed into a number of policy briefs, and in the publication of an edited book with Palgrave. 

The purpose of this first workshop is to develop an informed discussion around the changing nature of the City of London after the crisis, and its changing relationship with both the UK economy and the EU/European economies. The discussion will also look at possible post-referendum scenarios. Two short, interactive sessions based on research contributions to the project will be followed by a policy-makers and commentators panel discussion. 

This workshop is the first of a series of four events organised as part of the project Diverging Capitalisms? Britain, the City of London and Europe’, which is a joint venture between FEPS, Policy Network, and SPERI (Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute, University of Sheffield). 

For more about the project visit the page of the project