Fostering a Sustainable Future for Africa: The significance of local governance

FEPS Office, Rue Montoyer, 40, Brussels

Recognising the importance of EU-African relations, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies is organising a seminar on ‘Fostering a Sustainable Future for Africa: The significance of local governance’, which will take place on Wednesday, 6th April 20169:30am - 11:30am, at the FEPS Office, situated at Rue Montoyer 40, in Brussels.

This seminar is organised by FEPS and is part of a series of events which are included in the Africa week initiative of the European Parliament's S&D group, with the aim of celebrating Africa-EU relations and discussing ways to give them new directions. 

For the European Union, Africa is described as both an area afflicted by poverty, food insecurity, ill governance and conflict, but also as a continent of opportunity and growth. Within this framework, local and regional authorities are recognised as playing an increasingly vital role in ensuring a more equitable implementation of development policies in the continent. This seminar will aim to explore the significance of local governance in reducing poverty, fighting inequality and fostering a more sustainable future for Africa.