FEPS Next Social Europe High Level Advisory Group


FEPS, together with its partners in the Next Social Europe project (Policy Network, Renner Institut, CEVEA and Wiardi Beckman Stchting) is embarking on an endeavour that is to result in a sister publication to the recent ‘Re-writing the Rules’ by the Nobel Prize Winner Joseph Stiglitz. Following the conversations with this honourable author, FEPS has been entrusted with a mission of looking at how the political schemes and institutional designs of Europe could be changed in order to show that the existing inequalities result from past, wrong, but conscious choices. Therefore the High Level Advisory Group that has been convened to take on the task to jointly reflect and provide the European story, comprises of renowned academics, representatives of trade unions, alongside with policy practitioners and former heads of states and governments. Their profiles are diverse in terms of expertise, but united in the passion for finding the ways to offer progressive alternatives for Europe. Hence the first meeting, which will be preceded by the public event - of which programme you’ll find below - will pave the way, setting the building blocks for the desired content alongside with defining the methodology through which the tasks will be accomplished.