Election campaign strategies from a gendered perspective

New York City, USA

Transatlantic gender dialogue: Election campaign strategies from a gendered perspective

Date: Tuesday, 15 March 2016, 18.30 on

Venue: New York City, USA

Partners: FEPS, FJJ, PES Women

Due to the fact that progress in gender equality has been uneven and slow, with little political will for societal change, an increasing number of women have become either politically apathetic or politically active outside of the sphere of established political parties. Additionally, globally we can witness a rise in anti-gender movements, who challenge the current political establishment and become more and more appealing for the younger generation as well. Against this background, the objective of the debate is to compare the situation in Europe and the US elections, and discuss the following questions:

  •        how do women relate to the different candidates and/or different political parties?
  •        what are the political parties/candidates’ strategies to reach out to women?
  •        What are the counter-strategies to the rise of anti-gender movements?