Mutuals and cooperatives seminar: The Peoples’ Business

Palazzo della Cooperazione, via Torino n° 146, Rome, Italy

The Foundation for European Progressive Studies is holding its final seminar in a series within the framework of a project entitled ‘The People’s Business’ - How Cooperatives and Mutuals can contribute to the policy agenda of European Progressives.

The objective of the project is to encourage debate about cooperatives and mutuals as a positive business model, establish the historical foundations linked to the progressive movement and identify their size and significance across our economy and societies. We need to find a policy narrative that connects with and inspires voters by aligning the recognisable social democratic political values of fairness and democracy with a new political plan for organising our economy and society.

Through this initiative we are holding a series of seminars, 6 in total across Europe. This one in Rome will be the last one in the series. It will gather several countries together, notably from Italy, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta, Slovakia and Greece. The input from the seminars will feed directly into FEPS-Mutuo joint research project, which will publish findings later this year.

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