Passing on the torch: The legacy of the Beijing Platform for Action and new, grassroots feminist movements

Brussels, Belgium

With support of the Fondation Jean Jaurès

The Beijing Platform has been of major political affluence, especially relevant bearing in mind that it was highly shaped by women’s NGOs and movements. Beijing is considered to be The political momentum in the gender policy area. However, 20 years after, in 2015, it seems that the process has lost its closeness with grassroots feminist movements. Even mainstream, institutionalised and professionalized NGOs have difficulties in getting their claims on the discussion table, and in the meantime, grassroots feminist movements demands are lost. Once heavily invested to the grassroots movement, Beijing no longer tends to be owned nor recognized by many activists and younger generation feminists and the awareness by the grassroots movements is very low.

The objective of the initiative is to point out how these new generation of feminists has been gradually left on the margins of both the Beijing process and the EU gender equality consultations. It aims to give grounds to them and push for a more inclusive political approach when it comes to their claims.

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