International Seminar Rebuilding the Welfare State in Multicultural Societies


The Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) in partnership with the Fondation Jean Jaurès, the Renner Institute and the MACRO Center for Political Economy, organised an international seminar titled 'Rebuilding the Welfare State in Multicultural Societies’ in Tel Aviv, Israel on the 25th and 26th of May 2015. 

The international seminar was an attempt to deepen our understanding of whether robust and generous social democratic welfare policies can be designed and implemented in ethnically diverse societies. It featured a wide range of politicians, academics and civil society representatives. 

In addition to a number of keynote speeches, the seminar was divided into two sessions, one focusing on ‘Socio-economics and Welfare: new and feasible social models in era of global economy’, and one on ‘Multicultural Societies: economic challenges and sustainable growth in diverse societies’. Each session was followed by lively exchanges of opinion between the speakers and the audience, which further illustrated both the complexity and the significance of the issues being discussed.

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