Confronting Anti-Minority Populism


The final event of the project   “Defining Responses to Rise of Extremism in Europe” took place in the premises of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), Brussels (BE) on 22nd April 2015. The Roundtable Debate was organized by the European Values Think-Tank (EV T-T) together with the FEPS. Primary target groups of the project were left-wing politicians and experts from Central Europe. The main objective of the series of events with the concluding Roundtable Debate was to help the politicians to realize that it is highly important to know how to tackle the issues of minorities and how to introduce them to the wider public. The core presumption is that if centre-left parties neglect the topics of immigration and integration of minorities, extremist parties are very likely to gain votes.

A Roundtable Debate as a Follow-up to the Seminar for Leaders of PES Parties in Central Europe.