FEPS Next Left Working Group, National Round Table and National Congress of the European Studies at Warsaw University


The FEPS Next Left Working Group (NL WG) on Europarties and eurodemocracy will be gathering for its' second session this year, aiming at fulfilling three objectives: proceeding with the reasearch (by offering each other peer review of the first drafts of their respective research papers), engaging in a conversation with the Polish stakeholders (politicians, experts and representatives of trade unions and NGOs), as also taking part in the first ever National Congress of European Studies held at Warsaw University http://www.kongreseuropeistyki.uw.edu.pl/ 

The core activity hosted by the Foundation Amicus Europae http://fae.pl/ with the support of Renner Institut http://www.renner-institut.at/ will feature an intensive programme. To begin with, the members of the NL WG will return to the themes that they have chosen to research this year and have modified in terms of research aenues, following the joint discussion on the outcomes of the recent EU elections and the ongoing process of setting the new legislative mandate within the EU. Furthermore, focused on Poland, the event will enable the members to enter into exchange with Polish scholars, at which opportunity the NL WG will promote the publications accomplished within this group so far (for example the vol. 7 of the FEPS Next Left books http://www.renner-institut.at/). To that extent, also panels with the representatives of SLD, Zieloni, OPZZ, Daszynski Center and Homo Homini (to name a few) are designed in a way to facilitate grasping an unsderstanding of the Polish social, economic and political specificity - offering the answers on the state of social democracy in this country and alongside this line also within the Central and Eastern European region.

The event will finish with a high level dinner, which will be opened by Aleksander Kwasniewski, former President of Poland and Dr. Alfred Gusenbauer, Chair of the FEPS Next Left Research Programme and the former Chancellor of Austria.

In case of further queries regarding FEPS NL WG or the event itself, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. A. Skrzypek, FEPS Senior Research Fellow at ania.skrzypek@feps-europe.eu