Energy efficiency: saving Europe’s energy agenda

The Foundation for European Progressive Studies organised an open discussion on the current state of play of the proposals and upcoming issues for energy efficiency policies in Europe with a presentation from Paul Hodson, Head of unit for energy efficiency in DG Energy.

With the European Commission reviewing its proposals for EU energy reduction targets, which will be presented at the next Council summit at the end of October, these debates will take precedent in the upcoming debates on energy.

The Commission is now proposing a 30% energy reduction target by 2030. However this still doesn’t match the European Parliament’s 40% target.

The discussion firstly looked at where we are now and especially what happened in July and what this might bring. Paul also gave interesting insights into what is working now and what progress has been made in terms of policies and implementation of legislation in energy efficiency. In addition to that there was an analysis towards the 2020 goals.

A lively and varied debate followed the presentation.

A full report of the discussions will be available online soon. For any further questions, contact Charlotte Billingham at FEPS.