Analysis of the EU Elections - Next Left: Turning point of May 2014

Following the exciting European elections' campaign, FEPS - Foundation for European Progressive Studies will offer a possibility of a moment for reflection on their outcomes and subsequent perspectives within a seminar "Next Left: Turning point of May 2014". The event organised with the support of the Renner Institute will take place in FEPS premises on Wednesday, 4th JuneThe activity is foreseen to feature two parts. 
The first one is a closed session (between 11.00 - 16.30), during which over 40 representatives of the FEPS member foundations, of the FEPS Scientific Council, as also the researchers from within the FEPS Next Left Focus Group and Working Group, and the spokespersons of PES, S&D Group in the EP and PES Group in CoR, will gather to analyse the impact that the entire process on the nature of politics within the EU, as also the meaning of the results in terms of real opportunities for the progressive agenda to follow the promise to profoundly change the directions for Europe.
The session will be opened by Mr Massimo D'Alema, President of FEPS and will be closed with words by Dr. Alfred Gusenbauer, Chair of the FEPS Next Left Research Programme, while Dr. Ernst Stetter, FEPS Secretary General will moderate the conversation. The background of the exchange will be constituted by the essays submitted by the respective participants in a format of 500 - 700 words texts till 27th May 2014.
The second part of the programme will feature a debate open to the public, taking place between 18.00 - 19.30 for which FEPS is cordially inviting everyone to join at the FEPS conference room at Rue Montoyer 40, 4th floor. The discussion will be inaugurated by the remarks of both above mentioned Massimo D'Alema and Alfred Gusenbauer, as also (tbc) Maria Arena (Number 1 of PS), Katheleen Van Brempt (No 1 of SpA) and Marie Laffeber (Deputy Secretary General of the Party of European Social Democrats- PES
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For further information on the programme, please do not hesitate to contact: Dr. Ania Skrzypek, FEPS Senior Research Fellow at Shall you want to inquire after the public event and registration, please address Mr Alain Bloëdt, FEPS Communication Adviser at