Portrait: Jutta Urpilainen, a social democrat fighting against all odds

Jutta Urpilainen, the leader of Finland’s Social Democratic Party, has already made her mark on domestic politics. However, she is equally at home in a European context, and has her own ideas about the challenges facing politicians and the electorate in 2014. Supporting employment through investment, fairness in the tax system and social inclusion are high on the agenda.

Short Bio: Born in 1975, Jutta Urpilainen became involved in youth and student politics on the left in the mid-1990s, occupying senior roles in both national and European associations. She went on to join the Finnish delegations to UN activities, while remaining active within her town and regional councils. Elected an MP in 2003, she became leader of the SDP in 2008 and deputy premier and finance minister in 2011.

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