Call for papers on the Social dimension of EU enlargement

In November 2012 the European Parliament resolution on enlargement based on the report of MEP Maria Eleni Koppa has dealt in several points with the social aspects of the European enlargement strategy. Most importantly, under paragraph 6 it pointed out the EU continues to be attractive, also because of its unique combination of economic dynamism with a social model and [the EP] regrets that this social dimension has been largely neglected in the enlargement process”.

In order to fill this gap, the Foundation for European Progressive studies (FEPS) and SOLIDAR set up a joint research programme on the social dimension of EU enlargement. The objective of this research programme is to strengthen the social aspects of EU enlargement by identifying key benchmarks and evaluating the development on the basis of these benchmarks. The identification of these benchmarks was done in close cooperation with think tanks, CSOs and social partners from the Western Balkans.

This call for academic papers invites independent thinkers, journalists, academics and researchers to contribute to a book that is dedicated to the social dimension of EU enlargement and the future perspectives for countries of the Western Balkans and Turkey. The organisations have the ambition to include as many local perspectives of independent thinkers, journalists, academics and researchers from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. Hence, this call has the aim to identify the contributors to the publication of the research programme.

The academic papers will be evaluated by the responsible editors: Maria Eleni Koppa, MEP, Ernst Stetter, FEPS Secretary General, Conny Reuter, SOLIDAR Secretary General and Jan Marinus Wiersma, Vice-Chair of the European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity and in support of an editorial team. Successful candidates will be offered 200 Euro honorarium after the final version of their paper will be accepted for publication.

Candidates are kindly asked to send an abstract by 20 August 2013