What Lessons from German and Danish Energy Policy?

Conference report of the event "Energy revolution? What Lessons from German and Danish Energy Policy?", organized on 29 May at Helsinki by FEPS with the support of the Kalevi Sorsa Foundation.

The main message from the debate is that the energy transition is now happening in Germany, which is a positive initiative, but there are many challenges and questions as to how this will actually happen.

Main differences which can be drawn is that in Denmark the consumers are financing the transition towards more renewable energy supply and it doesn’t seem to be a political issue. Whereas in Germany there is a lot of criticism towards the fact that the consumers are footing the majority of the bill regarding the transition to a more renewable energy supply.

The presentations addressed the relationship between consumers versus industry and how these affect national political debates, also the matter of short-term versus long-term policies and the affect this has on energy policy, in particular when concerning cost and interest benefits.

Watch the videos and presentations from the energy policy seminar on the website of our partner Kalevi Sorsa Foundation