What kind of city do you want to live in? How will your city meet the challenges of the future?


Short summary of the lunch debate of the latest Lunch-Time Debates on Sustainable Europe

The PES Group in the Committee of the Regions and the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) organised on 21st November a new debatewhich focused on the development of urban living as one of the key challenges for our future - even for those who do not live in cities.

The main point to come from the debate was the importance to have the interest of the citizens living in the area to take care and look out for what is happening there. Full consultation and consideration also avoids opposition to new projects.

The speakers emphasised the importance on an integrated approach to urban planning too. For example when considering new housing projects it’s also important to take into account, education, transport, green areas and access to social and health services.

Each of the regional representatives presented different schemes that their areas are running in terms of housing, reducing CO2 emissions, the very high use of renewable energy, transforming old industrial areas into new regeneration projects and much more.

Questions were handed in beforehand and presented to the panel which gave room for a larger discussion between the participants and the speakers.

Presentations of the speakers

Background of the lunch-time debates