Progressive economy Initiative

FEPS and S&D Group & FEPS have launched the Progressive Economy initiative, which will create a new and open space for public and informed debate, and which will contribute to this debate by spelling out an alternative economic vision for Europe, drawing on an alternative economic model.

Each year, several economic institutes (OFCE, IMK, ECLM) will publish an “Independent Annual Growth Survey” (iAGS), with an alternative set of analyses and recommendations to the European Commission’s own Annual Growth Survey,which now defines the EU’s and the member states’ economic policy agendas. See the results of the first iAGS published by the three institutes in November 2012.

The S&D Group and FEPS organises a first important annual conference in Brussels on Thursday 7 March 2013, close to the Spring European Council, with highlevel participants from politics, academia, media and civil society, to discuss the key choices of economic strategy facing the Union and to evaluate the economic and social evidence.

Progressive Economy is a long-term initiative, not a one-off event. The independent annual report and the conference will be generated each year, and will be further reinforced by additional initiatives in order
to develop a major new open space for debate on economic policy and its effects at European and at national, as well as at global, levels.