Social democracy facing financial crisis

On 21st and 22nd October, FEPS together with FSP ULB held a two days colloquium at the ULB. The event, which was opened to the public, gathered 30 researchers with a specific expertise on European social democracy. The aim of their exchange, which was based on their respective academic papers, was to analyze the responses of the progressive family (and its respective national parties) to the global crisis and the state it finds itself in subsequently.

Among the academics, who took part in the debate, there were: J.ANDERSSON | D.BAILEY | L. BOUVET | J. CALLAGHAN | J-M. DE WAELE | P.DELWITT | P. KENNEDY | G.MOSCHONAS | G.ROSS | D.SASSOON | A.SKRZYPEK | E. STETTER

The papers presented during the colloquium will soon be available in a book, that is to be released by FEPS and ULB in January 2012.