Massimo D'Alema elected as first President of FEPS

The 30th June 2010, Former Italian Prime Minister Massimo D’ALEMA was elected this morning as the first president of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), with the unanimous support of the members of FEPS, on the occasion of the annual General Assembly.  

“We are very happy that Mr. D’Alema will inspire our work in the coming years,” says Ernst STETTER, Secretary General of FEPS. “He is a true European leader for all social democrats and progressives in Europe. With his experience and energy, we want to take FEPS to a new level of political research and fresh thinking.”  

Mr. D’ALEMA is determined to help the Foundation in its quest for new ideas with a view to fostering intellectual debate and cultural elaboration. Sustaining a progressive project for Europe and consolidating international dialogue shall constitute the priorities of his presidency of FEPS.

President's inaugural speech

Biography of Massimo D'Alema