Next Left: Building new communities” - Delegation to Harvard Law School

The seminar organized by FEPS with the support of Renner Institut and in cooperation with the Institute for Global Law and Policy took place at Harvard Law School on 12th – 13th April 2012. The European delegation to the event was composed of 10 representatives (R.Bazillier, P.Diamond, K.Duffek, P.Guerreri, G.Horn, R.Liddle, A.Skrzypek, E.Stetter, D.Tsarouhas) and was led by Alfred Gusenbauer, Chair of the Next Left Research Programme and Professor at largo at HLS.

The programme “Next Left: Building new communities” is composed of the 4 building blocks:

  • Next Left Values in Party and Electoral Politics
  • The Next Progressive Deal
  • Recognising the Next World of Labour
  • Recognising the Next Left in Global Policies and Movements.

It builds on the expertise already developed within the Next Left Research Programme during subsequent conferences and seminars held at Brown and Harvard Universities in 2010 – 2011, and it is foreseen that the threads of this debate will be continued during the academic conference organized in Oxford together with Policy Network in July 2012.

The Harvard’s session gathered outstanding academics from Europe, US and Latin America.

It is expected that the deliberations will be published at the latter stage in one of the upcoming issues of “Queries”.