EU-Israel relations in an era of turbulence: the need for a progressive direction

Rue Montoyer, 40. Brussels

At a time of growing turmoil amid a landscape of changing geopolitics in the Middle East, EU-Israel relations are becoming of increasing importance. Yet, Israel’s right-wing turn in recent years under the stewardship of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has really restrained the scope of meaningful cooperation between the two sides, not least on matters of peace and security. With the wider Middle East going through a period of intense turbulence, the Middle East Peace Process stagnating, and the domestic Israeli context following a regressive political trend, in what ways can positive change be effected on the ground? 

FEPS is hosting MK Isaac Herzog, Leader of the Opposition, Israel, for an in-depth conversation on the ways through which EU-Israel relations can be shaped towards a more progressive direction. Joining him, Victor Boştinaru, Vice-President of the S&D Group at the European Parliament, and Hugh Lovatt, Policy Fellow at ECFR, will also discuss what the prospects of cooperation are in the current climate and against the backdrop of an increasing number of domestic and foreign policy challenges. 

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