MIX 2017 Migration in the 21st century: Meeting the challenge, seizing the opportunities

Hotel Bloom. Rue Royale 250, Brussels

Hotel Bloom (rue Royale 250, Brussels)

Join Mark Zuckerberg, Marissa Mayer & Bill Gates - the visionaries behind Facebook, Yahoo! and Microsoft - in their quest to drive world progress with migrants in the driver’s seat! Recent events have shown that the dominant narrative about migration, based on fear and distrust, is no longer sustainable. It’s up to us to build a new paradigm!

For the first time ever, the foundation Forward.US created by the leaders of the digital economy to promote the idea of migrant entrepreneurship, has decided to bring its experience to Brussels!     

Co-organized by FEPS and Fondazione EYU, this unique event will give you the opportunity to meet with eight successful migrants entrepreneurs from different countries that have created their own businesses in Europe. They will tell us about their experience, explain the contribution they offer to the hosting societies and economies, recount the challenges they faced and the support they encountered on the way.

Join us on Tuesday, October 17th, 5.30 pm at Bloom Hotel and learn how a fundamentally new approach to migration can improve the EU and your country in particular!

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