In recent years, mobility has largely grown and people have been on the move in an ever increasing manner. The reasons for this trend are multiple, and include unfortunately the fact that the number of conflicts in the world has been increasing as well. With this come new challenges that progressives have to face both at ideological, cultural and policy level. For FEPS, this challenge is also an opportunity for building a cohesive and inclusive society, not only in Europe but also outside of its boarders. FEPS has been strongly advocating for the introduction of more legal channels for migration, enhancing the political, social and economic rights of migrants and the construction of a European asylum policy based on the full respects of human rights and solidarity – among member states and with other regions of the world.


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Interview with Mireille Girard, UNHCR Representative, Lebanon, in Teiyani Refugee Camp (Bar Elias) in October 2015.

Main events

#refugeeswelcome – Solidarity as the solution to the refugee crisis (May 2017)

What happens after finding refuge? Integration of Syrian refugees in Germany and Turkey: Challenges and prospects (May 2017)

The Refugee Debate in Central and Eastern Europe: Can the EU-Turkey Deal Survive Without Intra EU Convergence on Relocation and Resettlement? (March 2017)

Does the EU-Turkey Deal represent a model to be replicated in other contexts? Workshop and field visit (December 2016)

The political background of the refugee crisis in Europe. Book launch and conference (June 2016)

Call to Europe IV: Building Solidarity in Asylum Policy (2014)