The bureau of FEPS

President of FEPS

Maria Joao RODRIGUES (Portugal) (bio)

Vice-Presidents of FEPS

Josep BORRELL, Chair of the Scientific Council. Fundación Pablo Iglesias (Spain) 

Uwe OPTENHOEGEL - Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (Germany) 

Sergei STANISHEV (Bulgaria) [bio]

Zita GURMAI (Hungary)

Jan-Erik STØSTAD - Treasurer. Joint Committee of the Nordic Social Democratic Labour Movement (SAMAK) including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland

Secretary General

Ernst STETTER (Germany) [bio]

Ex-officio members

Udo Bullmann, as President of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament (Germany)

Sergei STANISHEV, as President of PES (Bulgaria) 

Zita GURMAI, as President of PES Women (Hungary) 

Catiusca MARINI, as Secretary General of the PES Group in the Committee of the Regions

Joao DUARTE ALBUQUERQUE, as President of YES-Young European Socialists

Representatives of national political foundations and think tanks

Jean-Paul BUFFAT, Representative for foundations & think tanks - Institut Émile Vandervelde (Belgium) 

Laurent COHEN, Representative for foundations & think tanks - Fondation Jean Jaurès (France)

Adrio DE CAROLIS, Representative for foundations & think tanks - Fondazione EYU (Italy)

Mojca KLEVA KEKUS- Representative for foundations & think tanks - Progressiva Foundation (Slovenia)

Maria MALTSCHNIG, Representative for foundations & think tanks - Renner Institute (Austria)