Africa in Transition


In sub-Saharan Africa, FEPS has a wide network of contacts and has run events in cooperation with partners in South Africa, Zambia, Senegal and Cote d’Ivoire to name but a few. Throughout these projects, FEPS has sought the most innovative and progressive approaches to development and political reform.

Through seeking the opinions of people within the partner countries themselves, FEPS brings a more informed perspective back to Europe. The foundation has engaged the services of a correspondent based in Cape Town, Arnold Wehmhoerner, to write interesting analyses on the region.

Furthermore, FEPS has had very fruitful cooperation with the Italian organisation Istituto Affari Internazionali.

In North Africa, the political landscape has shifted considerably in recent years. FEPS has hosted numerous activists from across the region for training seminars and information sessions.

Further to this, staff members from FEPS have visited Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan Israel and Palestine on missions related to issues ranging from political reform and peace-building and institutional issues to gender equality.

Principal Investigators

Arnold Wehmhoerner– FEPS Advisor on Southern Africa

Nicoletta Pirozzi – Senior Fellow, Istituto Affari Internazionali


Towards a progressive model of development – South Africa, 2010

Delegation to Mozambique – 2012

Congress of the Socialist International – South Africa 2012

Economic Development in Africa – Senegal 2012

International Federation of Workers’ Education Associations – South Africa 2012

Socialism in Africa – Senegal 2014

Research and policy related output

‘For the times they are a-changin’”- Homosexuality and social values in Africa’, Arnold Wehmhoerner, FEPS Correspondent for Southern Africa (2014)

‘South Africa’s voters defy President Zuma’s scandals’, Arnold Wehmhoerner – 2014  

‘Mandela’s Legacy Betrayed’, Arnold Wehmhoerner – 2014

‘The Middle East between history of revolts and future geopolitics’, Fadi Elhusseini Associate Research Fellow at the Institute for Middle East Studies (2013)

‘Impunity for the Powerful: The African Union & the International Criminal Court’, Arnold Wehmhoerner – 2013

'Africa at crossroads', Arnold Wehmhoerner – 2013