About Feps

FEPS is the European progressive political foundation.

The only progressive thinktank at European level establishes an intellectual crossroad between social democracy and the European project, putting fresh thinking at the core of its action. As a platform for ideas , FEPS works in close collaboration with social democratic organisations, and in particular national foundations and thinktanks across Europe, to tackle the challenges that Europe faces today. Close to the Party of European Socialists (PES) but nevertheless independent, FEPS embodies a new way of thinking on the social democratic, socialist and labour scene in Europe.

Statutes of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (EN)
Statuts de la Fondation européenne d’études progressistes (FR)


Activity Report

The FEPS is now well established and has been carrying out activities with its members and partners successfully for an extended period now. This has meant that the activity planning of FEPS has advanced extensively and is also much more established. You will see in this activity report the detailed working plan 2010 illustrating the working pillars of FEPS.

FEPS activity report 2013
FEPS activity report 2012
FEPS activity report 2011
FEPS activity report 2010
FEPS activity report 2008-2009


The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme decision-making body of FEPS. It is composed of all full and consultative members of FEPS, plus all ex-officio members (Bureau and Scientific Council). The General Assembly elects the President and Vice-Presidents, the members of the Bureau and the Scientific Council. It adopts the yearly programme and approves the annual report and budget of FEPS. It also decides on membership.

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The bureau

The Bureau is the executive body of FEPS. It is composed of the President, Vice-Presidents and Secretary General of FEPS, seven ex-officio members and five representatives of political foundations and think tanks that are full members of FEPS. This body decides on the political strategy of FEPS, on its research programmes, and prepares the accounts and the annual report. It also nominates the Secretary General.

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The Scientific Council

This is the advisory body of FEPS. It was inaugurated in May 2010 and is composed of individuals or legal entities, members of FEPS or otherwise, who are elected by the General Assembly. The Scientific Council is responsible for the scientific work of FEPS. It will discusses programmes and carries out research. It also advises the Bureau and the General Assembly. It is presided over by the former French government minister, Henri Nallet.

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FEPS is registered as an international not-for-profit organisation under the Belgian law ("association internationale sans but lucratif", aisbl) and is co-funded by the European Parliament since September '08. In compliance with the European regulations and with a view to ensuring transparency, FEPS is publishing its legal documents, opening them to public enquiry.

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A European network of ideas

From the very early stages of its creation, FEPS was conceived as a platform to bring together progressive actors and partners in synergy with an ambition to foster a real European space for debate. Since its last General Assembly of 30 June '10, FEPS counts among its members 50 political foundations and think tanks from all over Europe, to which are added the Party of European Socialists, its full member parties and political groups within the European institutions.

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Feps Ernst STETTER
Secretary General
Feps Charlotte BILLINGHAM
Executive Advisor
Feps Alain BLOEDT
Communication Advisor
Feps Giovanni COZZI
Economic Adviser
Policy Advisor
Feps Marie-Astrid MUKANKUSI
Administrative Assistant
Senior Research Fellow
Feps Judit TANCZOS
Policy Advisor
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