Renaissance for Europe
A progressive
Renaissance for Europe
Brussels, 3rd-5th April. Interactive debates, workshops and other side activities.
Next Left Economic circle
Next Left
Economic circle
Evaluate the economic theoretical corpus behind economic policy proposals
Call to Europe
Call to Europe III Read the report of the latest conference entitled "Beyond Austerity: Builiding European Solidarity"
Next Left
Next Left Re-thinking the core of social democracy to shape a better future for all

Next Left

Gender Diversity Democracy

Enhancing EU Enlargement

FEPS YAN WG Enlargement on the alternatives for successful judicial reforms in the framework of the EU Enlargement process and on reinvigorating the relationship with Turkish Left.

Sustainable Economy

The Challenge of Economic Inequality to Recovery and Wellbeing

Conference report on TASC-FEPS event that brought together a dynamic audience including economists, academics, policy makers, public representatives, social justice advocates and activists. Thomas Piketty participated as keynote speaker.

Global Solidarity

South Asia : July Dossier

Analyses of the BJP-NDA government performance thus far, as well as Indias relations with other BRICS member states, the United States, Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan.


FEPS fringes at Labour party conference, Manchester

21st-23rd September @ Manchester
"Tackling Inequality: A Programme for the Left to Promote Inclusive and Sustainable Growth – Experiences from Around the World", "Labour's Next Majority? Winning from the Left after the great Crisis", "Europe 2020" and "European Co-operation: The different way of doing business"

Presentation of Nordic model 2030

10th December @ Brussels
Organised with SAMAK. Presentation and discussion of the three-year research project on Nordic economic models.