Renaissance for Europe
A progressive
Renaissance for Europe
Brussels, 3rd-5th April. Interactive debates, workshops and other side activities.
Next Left Economic circle
Next Left
Economic circle
Evaluate the economic theoretical corpus behind economic policy proposals
Call to Europe
Call to Europe III Read the report of the latest conference entitled "Beyond Austerity: Builiding European Solidarity"
Next Left
Next Left Re-thinking the core of social democracy to shape a better future for all

Next Left

Gender Diversity Democracy

Ten Years of the EU Membership in the New Member States

Ten Years of the EU Membership in the New Member States: Decline in democracy, good governance and competitiveness. It is a study by Attila Ágh evaluating the development of the New Member States 10 years after the EU accession .

Sustainable Economy

Global Solidarity

Why UKIP and the Radical Right Matter for Progressives

Nigel Farage and the UK Independence Party (UKIP) have successfully widened their ‘hard’ Eurosceptic message to encompass strident opposition to immigration and populist attacks against established political class.


Enhancing democracy pre and post EU accession - Citizens' Europe

30-31 May 2014 @ Belgrade, Serbia
This workshop, organised by FEPS with the support of the European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity (EFDS) will focus on the topic of the legitimacy of the EU and increasing civil engagement in order to revitalise the EU enlargement process.