Call for new members of the FEPS Young Academics Network

FEPS – Foundation for European Progressive Studies in cooperation with Dr.-Karl-Renner-Institut are delighted to present a call for the new members of the FEPS YAN – FEPS Young Academics Network.

Think Tanks Tandem

Mr François Hollande, President of France delivered the keynote speech, highlighting the importance of the French-German alliance to promote European integration as well as the role of civil society organizations as central actors in building a stronger European Union.


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India and South Asia: April 2017 Dossier

It highlights a range of domestic and foreign policy developments in India as well as in the wider region. These include an analysis of the recent escalation in Kashmir, the clear BJP victory in Delhi, the Australian PM’s visit to India, and Nepal’s lukewarm look towards India, amongst many.
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The Age of Trump: Foreign policy challenges for the left

The first months of Donald Trump’s presidency have been turbulent ones. We have come to expect the unexpected from the showman in the White House and his team. How should the left respond in these uncertain times? How does a progressive vision for the world fit with the challenges we now face?