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Activity Report Call to Europe Slovenia – Vote 16

Series of workshops and an international conference in order to facilitate wider debate on lowering the voting age, from the point of view of election participation and democratic legitimacy

Call for tender: Study on Millennial's perceptions towards Europe

FEPS invites interested stakeholders to submit proposals on a survey- based study that aims to map the perceptions of the Millennial generation (citizens aged 15-34 and born around 1980- 2000) towards the European Union (institutions, policy-making, political standpoints and / or actions).

Political Polarisation: The Way Forward?

The Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) organised a breakout dinner on the topic “Political Polarisation: The Way Forward” in partnership with the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) on the 24th March 2017 at the Restaurant Maison du Cygne in Brussels, Belgium.


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Global Challenges and their impact in the Middle East

Articles by decision makers and experts regarding the impact that the current policies of the various international institutions have on Israel, the conflict resolution and regional cooperation with its neighbours
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Involving Millennials in Politics

This briefing note addresses the question of how to re-engage young people – Millennials (those born between 1980-2000, aged 15-35) – into politics and make progressive political organisations fit for this cognitively distinct demographic.
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Contribution by MEP Tanja Fajon on Vote 16

Like in many other EU countries that are currently dealing with a sort of crisis of democracy and disinterest of citizens. There are frequent discussions in Slovenia about the possibility of giving voting rights to young people once they turn 16 instead of when they reach the age of majority.