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The political communication of the refugee crisis in Central and Eastern Europe

The FEPS – Policy Solutions study investigates the political and communication roots of the current crisis; the characteristic national responses in the Central European region; and the impact the crisis is likely to have on the already substantial populist movement across Europe.

India and South Asia: April 2016 Dossier

This Dossier provides insights into a range of domestic and foreign policy developments in India and the wider region. These include an analysis of the major challenges India is currently facing, the multi-faceted contests in Tamil Nadu, the 13th India-EU Summit.
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Delivering Empowered Welfare Societies

Delivering Welfare Societies is the 10th volume of the FEPS Next Left Book Series. It features an impressive collection of articles, deriving from research conducted by the academics of the FEPS Next Left Focus and Working Groups in the years 2014-2015.