FEPS Communication/Call for tender – The Progressive Post magazine

The Foundation of European Progressive Studies is looking for a communication agency with a good reputation and experience in edition and viral communication in order to extend the production, the reputation and the subscription of The Progressive Post magazine.

The Refugee Debate in Central and Eastern Europe

The GTE project aims at establishing a platform to discuss and analyse the rapid transformation of Turkey in a European and global context. In this phase, the project focuses on the refugee crisis and its impact on EU-Turkey relations, as well as on the EU’s migration and asylum policies.



India and South Asia: February 2017 Dossier

Analysis of ambitions of the Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab, the political crisis in Tamil Nadu and the results of the elections to the Bombay Municipal Corporation, the dialogue between China and India, India's engagement in Africa and its involvement in talks on Afghanistan in Moscow.

A Green-Social Investment Plan

It is the time for the governments to step in and help the economies back on a growth-track with a starting point in public investments. To increase investments and secure future growth this paper recommends a Green- Social Investment Plan.