Obituary- Egon Bahr

There are no irreplaceable people in this world – but there are those, whom we miss more than we miss others – was one of the sayings coined by Willy Brandt and following his “Erinnerungen” repeated frequently by him at the times of departure.



Progressive Politics in Fragmented Times

This Policy Brief was drafted as a reflection after a seminar held by FEPS, Policy Network and Renner Institut in Oxford in July 2015. It is organized alongside 10 Core Guidelines, which were inspired by different points made respectively during the debate
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Saving the Eurozone: modeling an alternative vision of Europe

This Policy Brief tries to envisage a different Europe. It is the second in a series of three in which future macroeconomic scenarios for Europe are analysed using projections generated by the Cambridge-Alphametrics Model (CAM).

Habemus deal: Iran, its nuclear programme and the world

The positive outcome of the long and painstaking EU3+3 negotiations on Iran’s nuclear programme represents a historic turning point for the entire region of the Middle East and the world.