The Future of EU Climate Change Technology and Sustainable Energy Diplomacy

On 19 October the Dickson Poon School of Law of King's College London hosted the launch of a publication on 'The Future of EU Climate Change Technology and Sustainable Energy Diplomacy'. The publication is the result of a collaboration between the Transnational Law Institute, the Foundation for...

Call to Europe VI: Millennials and Politics

Report on Call top Europe VI: Millennials and politics, hold in Brussels on 17th - 18th June. the conference brought together more than 100 young experts, young politicians and leaders from social-democratic families, young representatives from civil society and young participants.

Activity Report: Debate Just Transition

FEPS and Change Partnership, have outlined the practical steps needed to undertake and manage the transition to ensure it is fair, dignified, inclusive and meaningful. This document offers an insight into some of the main issues discussed at the debate and publication launch in Brussels.



Crowd Work in Europe

In this report Ursula Huws, Neil H. Spencer and Simon Joyce firstly investigate how crowd workers use online platforms in order to generate an income and secondly, identify their characteristics.
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EU economic governance after Brexit: Governing a disintegrating Europe.

In this Brief we provide new insights on how fragmented political and economic interests, both internationally and intra-nationally, have been shaping EU economic policy-making in the wake of the global financial crisis, the Eurozone crisis and the UK’s referendum on EU membership.

India and South Asia: October 2016 Dossier

The Dossier highlights a range of domestic and foreign policy developments. These include analyses of the confrontation between India and Pakistan, the measures by the government against black money and terrorism, election scenarios in Uttar Pradesh, and the 17th India-Russia Annual Summit.