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Conférence Egalité avec Pierre Rosanvallon

Videos of the conference with Pierre Rosanvallon, Professor at the Collège de France, organised with Fondation Jean-Jaures as part of the cycle Égalité



ANC in for an ugly fight

President Zuma’s refusal to resign despite a verdict by the South African Constitutional Court, which ruled that he had failed to uphold, defend and respect the Constitution, started a heated discussion about the ANC.
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Future Left: Can the left respond to a changing society?

Right across Europe, mainstream political parties are in retreat. New currents on left and right are confronting the political establishment, and forcing social democrats to face up to some existential questions.

Capital and Labour in the post-crisis European context

Declining or stagnant wages, the attitude of the European Commission and beneficial tax systems for capital lead on several levels to a weakening position not only of middle and lower class interests but also their institutionalized representatives, i.e. trade unions and progressive parties.